Certification for 2025 Medicare Advantage & Part D is now available for the following companies.


All companies that require AHIP offer a $50 discount for the AHIP course.


  • Aetna/SilverScript 
    • https://aetna.cmpsystem.com/
    • If you earned the Front Runner Status, you will receive an email from Aetna with certification instructions.
    • Once you complete SilverScript certificaiton, if you have not done so already, you will need to register for the SilverScript Agent Portal at https://www.enrollmentsportal.com/Auth/ssiregister.aspx. This step is required to allow your certification to sync and for proper assignment as agent of record to your SilverScript Enrollments.
  • UnitedHealthcare/AARP
    • www.uhcjarvis.com 
    • AHIP is not required but is available.  If you wish to take AHIP, click “AHIP Certification for our EDC Partners.” If you have already taken AHIP, continuing to the AHIP site will report your AHIP to UnitedHealthcare.