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Medicare Supplement Coverage …. Not Enough!

Owning a Medicare Supplement alone can leave some major holes in coverage.  The two areas where we are seeing the most out of pocket expenses are Skilled Nursing Facility stays as well as Cancer treatment.  Now is the time to start filling those gaps for peace of mind for both you and your clients.  Click to Read More

Product Bundling 

Work Smarter, Not Harder

 “This is an actual case that I recently helped an agent with.”

Clients age 73 Male and 73 Female called an agent to ask for an appointment. They each had a Medicare Supplement Plan F, purchased from the agent 4 years ago. The premiums had gone to around $6,400.00 annually for both of them. The agent called me for underwriting advice and they are both healthy enough to apply to a different company. They wanted to stay with a Plan F. Any company we proposed would save them money. As the agent and myself continued to talk about this case we decided to propose the following:  Click to Read More