Medicare Supplement Plans

Transforming the Agent & Customer Experience

Emrick Insurance is proud to be an exclusive distributor for Atlantic Coast Life’s (ACL) Medicare Supplement Plans. We are excited to introduce their new Med Supp product to you along with an agent experience like no other!

With state of the art features and technologies, securing Medicare Supplement coverage for your clients has never been easier. Along with competitive rates, excellent commissions and writing agent bonus, you don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity.

Ask About Our BONUS PROGRAM For Writing Agents!

$160 per eApp Underwritten Bonus
$40 per eApp Open Enrollment Bonus

What Makes Atlantic Coast Life Unique?

-Instant Issue™ Application Approval
-True Point-of-Sale™ Underwriting
-Live Review™ Underwriter Access
-Telephone Signature Capabilities
-Responsive eApplication

At Emrick Insurance we strive to provide top level products and services that agents need. We feel Atlantic Coast Life’s Medicare Supplement plans offer a unique advantage and will help set you apart in the market.

Contact us today to learn more about growing your business with us.