Final Expense Online Enrollment

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Aetna Senior Supplemental (American Continental Life)

Click on Aetna Quote & Enroll

Signature Options…

  • In person – Allows to sign the app if the applicant is available “in person” with the broker.

  • Email – Enter the clients email address and click terms and conditions. They will be asked to enter a password, which will be the last four (4) digits of their Social Security Number. Once they get logged in, they will have to click to sign.  Once the client has signed the application, the agent will receive an email to sign the application.  The agent will be asked for a password, which is the agents writing number.  The letters in the agent number must be entered in all CAPS.  The agent will then sign the application.  Once signed the agent will log back into and go to my cases and submit the application.

  • Security question Signature – Allows to sign by answering the security question.

  • Voice Signature – Call 877-806-9519. The client will receive a verification number. Enter the verification number in the provided space on the e-application.  Click confirm and apply signature.

Aetna Quick Reference Guide         Aetna Training Video

*Voice Signature is not available for all products

AIG Guaranteed Issue

On the top of the page click on Quote.

Signature Options…

  • In person – Client will type their name and click on Adopt & Sign

  • Email – An email will be sent to the client. The client will click the link and sign the applications.

eDocusign Instructions


Click on Sales Connections to sign in.

Signature Options…

  • In-Person – If the applicant is with you, they will be able to sign their name with a stylus pen, or mouse.

  • Email Signature – Before sending the email to your client, you will be asked to assign an access code. By default, the access code is the last 6 digits of the client’s social security number.  If the client is not comfortable with this number, the agent can assign a new assess code.  The client must have this code to open the application. Client will need to sign their name with either a stylus pen, or mouse.

E-App Webinar

Gerber Guaranteed Issue

Signature Options…

  • In Person – The client will click a box to sign.

  • Email Signature – Agent will create a security question, and then send the application for signature. The client will click on the link in the email, and enter their date of birth, zip code and security question.  The security question is case sensitive.

Great Western

Agent login on the top of the page.  Once signed in click on Final Expense E-Application (MyEnroller).

Signature Options…

  • Electronic applicant is present – Applicant signs by agreeing to the signature type and entering their date of birth and phone number collected during the enrollment.

  • Electronic applicant not present – an email will be sent to the applicant. Once the client clicks on the link, they will enter their date of birth and phone number and click login.  They will review the application and agree to the signature type and enter their date of birth and phone number again. 

  • Voice Authorization – Select Request for Voice Authorization by Agent. An 800-phone number will appear for you to call.  This will be a conference call.  Once the voice authorization is complete press # to save and end the recording.  If you do NOT press #, the system will not save the recording.

MyEnroller Guide

Oxford Life

Sign in, hover over My Tools and click on E-App

Signature Options…

  • Email – Client will receive an email. The client will click the link and review the application and type their name to sign.   Once the application has been signed and submitted the agent will need to hover over My Tools and click on Instawrite.  The agent will complete the information and the underwriting decision will be made instantly.

United of Omaha Companies

Click on Electronic Applications.

Signature Options…

  • Electronic – Check the check box, enter the city signed at and select the ‘Apply e-Signature’ button.

  • Email signature – Applicant will click the link in the email and enter their email address and PIN (last four of Social Security Number)

iGO E-App User Guide