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Aetna Senior Supplemental (Accendo, ACI, AHIC, AHLIC, & CLI)

  • Click “Aetna Quote & Enroll

  • Signature Options

    • In person– Allows to sign the app if the applicant is available “in person” with the broker.

    • Email – Enter the clients email address and click terms and conditions. They will be asked to enter a password, which will be the last four (4) digits of their Social Security Number. Once they get logged in, they will have to click to sign.  Once the client has signed the application, the agent will receive an email to sign the application.  The agent will be asked for a password, which is the agents writing number.  The letters in the agent number must be entered in all CAPS.  The agent will then sign the application.  Once signed the agent will log back into and go to my cases and submit the application.

    • Security question Signature – Allows to sign by answering the security question.

Aetna Quick Reference Guide         Aetna Training Video

*Voice Signature is no longer available.

Bankers Fidelity

  • Go to

  • Click on “eApps” tab on the top right of the page.

  • Signature options…

    • DocuSign e-signature process – The client will be asked to adopt a scripted e-signature. They can opt for the default signature or “sign” their own using the mouse. (It does not matter what it looks like.  The codes at the bottom that are part of the electronic signing are really what are important.  You only have to complete the adopt step once.  From then on, they just click the “Sign” button.

    • Remote using email – If they want a copy emailed to them, they can enter their email address. The agent is then prompted for signature using a similar signing process.

Bankers Fidelity Quick Start Guide

Cigna Health & Life

  • Go to

  • Click on “Express App” tab.  Complete the application.  There are no signatures on the Express App.  Once the application is completed the client can then call to do the Phone Verification.  All express applications must complete the Phone Verification.

Cigna Express App 2.0 Training Video

Great Southern Life/Americo

  • Go to

  • Click on the appropriate Company “Med Sup Portal” on the right side of the page.  (Final Expense e-application is under the “Sales Connection” tab)

  • Signature Options..

    • Printed Documents – Print the documents and sign with a wet signature.

    • Electronic Signature – If the applicant has internet, an email address, and has access to a computer, you can offer the option to sign electronically. The client will login and view documents online.  Client must log in to sign in using their email address to sign the application.

    • Voice Signature – The option is for clients to provide authorization by phone. Documents will be provided to the client by the agent.

    • Signature Pad – The applicant is with you and will be reviewing and signing this session. Applicant must sign the necessary document(s) using your touch screen device.

GSL eApp User Guide


  • Go to

  • Click on “Create New E-Application“.

  • Signature Options…

    • Electronic Signature – Applicant must have an email address, opt for Automated bank draft, and they will need to review documents via email before signing.

    • Signature Pad – applicant must be present with agent to review the documents in session.

    • Voice Signature – Applicants must review documents via email, and must select automated bank draft. The applicant can call in or schedule a time for a call to voice sign application.

    • Wet Signature – Complete the application and print the pdf file. The agent will need to upload, fax or mail the application.

Lumico e-App Guide     Voice Signature Training     Voice Signature Hotsheet

Mutual of Omaha Companies

  • Go to

  • Click on “Electronic Applications“.

  • Signature Options…

    • Electronic – Type your name for signatures

    • Voice Signature – Applicant must review application and initial documents before calling the voice signature phone number. After the agent hits submit a box will appear with an authorization number. The client must have this number when calling for Voice Signature.  Voice Signature phone number 866-379-9513.

    • Wet Signature – Producer mails or delivers the application and documents to the applicant to sign and submit.

Mutual of Omaha e-App Quick Start Guide    Overview Presentation


  • Go to

  • Click on “Start or Continue an e-App” at the very top of the page.  Training videos can be found under the Resources tab.

  • Signature options…

    • Electronic Signature – Can be Text or Finger Sign or Mouse Sign. The signature is created by signing with the signer’s finger on the tablet type device or by drawing their signature using a mouse.

    • Email Signature – Email will be sent to the client to collect the signatures. They will need the last 4 of their social, date of birth, or the password that was assigned to them.

    • Wet Signature – Click on other options on the top of screen and download the pdf file. You can print a copy of the application and collect wet signatures.

Med Sup e-App FAQ’s     Completing e-App     Telephone Signature Video    Electronic Signature


  • Go to

  • Go to “Sales Tools” tab and click on “E-App“, and “Launch E-App“.

  • Signature Options…

    • Voice Signature Process – Client must be on the phone or in the room with you when making the call to the 3rd Once the applicant has received the necessary forms, call 866-951-1778. Phone Verification Number will be given to the client.  This number will need to be entered on the e-App.  Once the number is entered, the client will need to click I Agree.

    • iPad Signature Process – Tablet signatures are only supported running the Google Chrome Browser. Once your case is completed, you can proceed to lock the application where you can then choose the iPad/Tablet option. The client and agent both must read and agree to the Terms of Use, review the application, and ensure the client understands. Then the client and agent both can then sign on the iPad/Tablet. Once the signature is captured, you will be able to review documents then submit them to the

    • Email Signature Process– This process requires each eSigner to review the application online and agree to a series of disclosure and disclaimer statements, insert the city where they are located, and apply this as their signature. Upon careful review of all information, each eSigner will be instructed to click several “I Agree” statements. By completing this process, you will receive a personalized email with instructions on how to gain access to the electronic application and the necessary steps that must be completed to collect their digital signature.

Voice Signature Video   iPad Signature Video  Email Signature Video

Union Security

  • Go to

  • Click on “Quote and Enroll” under quick links section.

  • Signature Options…

    • In person – allows to sign the app if the applicant is available “in person” with the broker.

    • Voice Signature – Allows to update voice signature if using the automated or point of sale telephone line. Using the Voice signature authentication code that was created during the signature options. Voice Signature phone number is 877-806-9519.

    • Security question Signature – Allows to sign by answering the security question.

E-Application Step-by-Step Instructions

UnitedHealthCare (LEAN)

  • Click on

  • Hover over “Enrollment” and click on “LEAN“.

  • Signature Options…

    • Touch screen device (i.e. tablet) Use finger or stylus.

    • Signature Pad

    • Voice Signature (available for consumers in IL, IN, GA, MN, MO, NC, NV, OR, PA, SC, and UT Medicare Supplement only) Voice Signature phone number 888-889-9198. Applicant must have an active AARP Membership before you start the voice signature.

    UHC User Guide